Bijoux Brigite - Beautiful Face, Sassy Soul, Powerful Story

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman with an unusual and extraordinary story.
I can’t share that story with you now but at least I can share her beautiful photos with you:

These photos are from a test shoot. Nothing fancy.

Zero retouching done.

To a large extent, I am not a model photographer. I am a people photographer. And when my subjects
have a story, my creative juices flow; because I live on stories.

Bijoux wants to be a photographer’s muse.
I tried explaining to her that the bond between an artist and his/ her muse is often more powerful than sex. 

To her 21 year old mind, it was hard to grasp that there could be a connection stronger than sex. I’m sure when I was her age, I thought the same too.

Hope you enjoyed them and do have a great week.


rhoda said…
Nice!~ very nice.....
Unknown said…
having been a muse myself, you couldn't have said it better, Nana.
Unknown said…
Wow, I really like the pics, especially the third one. Very nice.
Beautiful! one of my favorite posts! can i request u add a Facebook share button? pls :D

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