Show your love

Today, a twelve year old boy heard from his neighbour’s shivering lips that his father will not be coming back home. He has died in a car accident. His father is all the family he’s ever had and he’s totally lost… but somehow, against all the odds, he will make it.

In a palace somewhere, a crown prince has forced himself on the king’s precious daughter and she’s shattered. Her shame cannot be let out of the bag. The family’s desire for respect supersedes her call for justice and she cowers under the pressure and wants to take her life. She won't. Against all the odds, she will survive. She will meet Prince Charming someday and will feel like a well-loved princess again.

A young man looks out his office window one last time as he clears his desk of all his belongings and dreams. He has a wife and children waiting at home for everything but this news. He’s tempted to jump out into the canal and end it all but he won't. He’ll survive this too, against all the odds.

A pregnant young woman stands at the train station, waiting for her lover to show up. Hoping. Praying everything he told her was true but deep down she knows he won’t turn up. She doesn’t know what to do with herself and the child in her belly. If she overcomes the temptation to jump in front of the on coming train, she will survive against all the odds.

On the eve of her 30th Wedding anniversary, she sits in a doctor’s office awaiting the results. Her good and faithful husband sits by her and holds her tired hand. Her worst fear is confirmed. She’s HIV positive and the only man she’s ever known is this dark angel weeping by her side. She will forgive. She will survive.

I love the Christmas story because it is one of a loving father going to extreme ends to assure and show his children how much he really loves them. If we can believe we are loved that much, there's no problem we won't have strength enough to overcome. Love is always a good reason to live.

Show Your Love  this Christmas.  Love is a reason to give.

Help someone through their storm. Love.

Have a great week. I love you  and God loves you more.


DiDi said…
Have A Great Week Too ..Love you but GoD Loves You More..
Jolene said…
~*Amen*~ The Lord does love us more! May He overwhelm the cold-hearted and heal the brokenhearted!
Akum said…
You had such a great time! The photos are amazing!
Unknown said…
Nice pictures.
yeh said…
This is right down your alley...

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