One naughty iPhone

I'm yet to find a photography forum where you won't find a bunch of photographers doing the "my camera is better than your camera" or "my lens is sharper than your lens arguments.   Sometimes, I'm tempted to yell at them to just get off their butts and go create some great memories with their expensive cameras.

Have you also noticed how "amazing" a camera is till a new one is announced? Well the photographs in this post were taken on my iphone. They are photos of friends I have made on my way, places I've been, things I've seen. Memories that would have been stuck in just my head, if I hadn't pulled out my iphone to document them.  One wise man once said "The best camera is the one you have with you". Shoot with it.

The message on the back of this "trotro" is "There is God. You just have to sit in one of those, and if you've never prayed in your life, you'll start. No one will tell you "there is God".

Giulia is an amazing Italian photographer who did a series on Chinese people in Benin.
It's a must see. She has lazy eyes just like me and we found ourselves laughing at each other because of that.
Peter Vlam and I go quite a while back. His main job when I'm in his house in Amsterdam, is serving as interprator between Jules, his 3 year old son and me. Jules speaks only Dutch and I speak no Dutch.

This  photograph is from Bonikro in the Ivory Coast. The little girl shows of her coca cola.

Maxime made our time in Cote D'Ivoire unforgettable. My assistant, Daniel, who doesn't joke with his food, really missed her when we got to Nigeria. In Nigeria, there was no Maxime to over-feed him. Now, she's become my best friend for life.

Kevin is from World Television, and he is the quietest American I ever met. I don't know if it's because he's lived in Europe for so long. His laughter, when he laughs, betrays his roots though.

In Lagos, no one stops for nobody. At least that is the vibes you get.
These two ladies are members of a church group. They were sitting quite faraway from the guys, as we were waiting to catch a flight from Lagos to Accra. I'm Christian but can't understand religion sometimes. Only religious young men will leave two pretty girls to sit all by themselves... except when it gets dark :) (just joking). May be not.

Peter Di Campo is already famous. We'd talked on the phone. We're friends on facebook but somehow, we had never met... till Lagos Photo. If there's one thing I like about Peter, it's the fact that he has a life. He has a woman he really cares about and loves... and a clear sense of direction... I wish I could say that about most photographers. The camera has a tendency to turn into an over-demanding idol if one doesn't tame it. Many have sacrificed love, limbs and life to pacify the camera. Trust me, I have nothing against cameras. I have them in all shapes and sizes but Idolatory isn't cool:
This night in Bogobiri was a night to remember. The band, at least the vocalist, was definitely Ghanaian. They were so good, I picked up their bag and went from table to table taking donations for them. What a band! What a night!!

Yes, that's Marc Prust.

Sometimes, I feel guilty having a top end photo studio in the heart of Accra that I rarely use. Here's my good friend Nyani, who just won an award at the Bamako Photo Festival, shooting in my studio. You can rent it too if you choose:
If however, you prefer outdoor photography, with your iphone, you're not alone. Here's Bertil showing off. I wonder how he's going to photograph those lions in Kenya with his iphone though. Bertil, when you're in Kenya, I'd like to see some close up shots of the lions from your iPhone. Hehehe :)

This is where the train stops today. See you soon and thank you so much for reading my blog. Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. Bye-Bye.


Nana Darkoa said…
Cute post. I likey :)
Nana, next time I will post photos of you ;) Question is which ones???? :)
Anonymous said…
NK this is a great post just love the photos and the commentary
Every one is noghty boy and girl.
Those are great photos. I think its not really about having the best camera. It also takes skills and creativity to be able to come up with a really excellent photo.

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