The Crab who walked straight

As if the scorching sun was not in itself enough headache for the people of Kotorkrom, they’ve had to gather at the forecourt of the palace to hear once again, what the Princess’ decision was on the new suitor who came her way.
You see, Princess Charlotte was no ordinary crab. She was by far, the prettiest in the whole wide crab world, and being very much aware of her beauty, has decided she will not be pressured by her aging parents, who are eager for grandchildren, into marrying just anything.
As she walked into the palace, eight golden shoes, one  on each feet, everybody, including the King, her father who sees her everyday, couldn’t help admiring how glorious she looked. She curtsied nicely, stood by her mom and announced that she wants to marry a crab that doesn’t walk sideways. Age didn’t matter, tribe didn’t matter. In fact, she didn’t care if he was rich or poor, plebeian or royal. She announced if anybody could find her such a crab. She will wed him in two days, and the matchmaker will not go unrewarded.
In less than a week, a husband was found for her and no ordinary crab was he. He really walked straight like humans do. Just watching him walk up the aisle to take his bride was a marvelous sight to behold.
Charlotte’s husband, impressed by his wife’s performance on the night of their wedding, woke up very early in the morning to surprise her with breakfast. “Honey, breakfast is ready”, he gracefully announced, as he walked sideways towards the bed, like an ordinary crab. Charlotte, surprised, exclaimed “Honey, how come you’re walking side ways”. He, surprised that she’s surprised, retorted: “Oh darling, I only walk straight when I’m drunk. I’m a crab, I was made to walk sideways. You, my dear wife, can you walk straight?”
Dream big. Dream wild. Be real. Have a great week!


Anonymous said…
dat waz very simple but chock-a-blocked with apt description of da scenes n charaters. Kudos, bro
Ama said…
adorable children
Lowwis said…
hahaha... good piece... fun and light, yet packed with such thought provoking wisdom! ps. your kids are beautiful!
Nanasei said…
Beautiful series on a family outing. Great story. Please keep 'em coming.

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