The Song By The Long Dry Nile

God is God

These were once warriors’ horses
That rode on storms and tread on lions.
Today, see how they starve.
Pharaoh’s stable stands empty…
His horses and warriors frail and fading
By the banks of the long dry Nile.

They eyes of our young stare
Blankly at God and heaven.
The tongues of the old too dry
To lament or petition or pacify.
The scorching sun eats up their tears
Even before their worn souls shed them.

This implacable plain of death
Was once Song’s own habitation
Where children leapt and played
Like overfed gazelles upon the hills.
Once, Love herself lived here.
Young lovers chased each other between
The alleys and the pyramids
Till they fell in each others arms
Amidst laughter and kisses…

And may those days return.
©Nana Kofi Acquah 2011

"This Poem is dedicated to all those affected by drought in the horn of Africa and the souls who're committed to help them through this season".


Anonymous said…
Lovely special moment in my day.
Thank you!
Arash said…
Amazing shot!

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