The Poet and the Beauty Queen

Miss Universe Ghana 2011

Perfection sways before him
In focus a moment, blurry the next

Like a mirage mimicking an oasis
Before a dried, thirsty, loveless soul…

She’s not necessarily Happiness
Or Pleasure’s perfect image.

There’s a lot good skin can hide.
The pretty face is the devil’s best mask

Love is a soul thing not a look thing.
What’s it with Poets and lonesomeness?
miss universe ghana 2011

(Yayra Nego, the model in this picture, is the Miss Universe Ghana 2011 Winner)


did you write this poem too? i love it!
Anonymous said…
Amazing picture, with such detailed and vibrant colours
@ Sabah, before I became a photographer, I considered poetry :)

@ Zulughana... Thank you
Unknown said…
Well you're doing a superb job at being both a photographer and a poet! Keep it up :)
Fiona Leonard said…
Fortune teller to 15yr old NK: One day you will be taking pictures of Miss World Ghana in a bikini

15yr old NK: Sweet!
@ Fiona, that will be quite a lot of fun :)
Di said…
Such beautiful pictures. Very, very beautiful.

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