Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kama Sutras, Bibles, Thai Khebab and more at Joy Bridal Fair

Yes. I was at the Joy Bridal Fair and No. I don’t have a stand there.
The last time someone inquired if I shoot weddings, my reply was only one word:
“Sometimes”. So for my fellow photographers, who had stands there, don’t worry,
I wasn’t there to steal your potential clients. I was there because my wife and I were tired of looking each other in the face and pretending the other was the most gorgeous thing since sliced bread.

I found the place a little crammed but there still was so much to see. Chinese Lanterns, Caucasian Maniquines dressed as brides and future black brides busily feeding their dreams.
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011

I saw a pretty girl I know busily wrestling down a stick of kebab. It turned out this was special Thai kebab. Or may be, the guy's T Shirt had nothing to do with what he was selling.
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011

This is the kind of shop you come to if you're thinking more in the lines of having a traditional marriage. Kente is as expensive as it is colourful. Nowadays, it's also not uncommon to see Ghanaian brides dressed like Yoruba women. Very soon, there might be no difference between Ghana and Nigeria.
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011

When I see all these grown women, not just eating ice cream but also giving their shipping address to the ice cream vendor, I just freeze.

Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011

There's a good old joke that if you want to marry a woman, get to her house at 5am and knock. When she comes to open the door, you see exactly who you'll be marrying. I understood that joke as I watched all these regular ladies sit in the Black Secret's make up chair and get transformed instantly. It's as if someone poured layers of photoshop on their faces. Amazing.
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011

This was one of my favourite stands. You could buy anything from "The Kama Sutra" to "How to change diapers" to "The sex bible" to "What to expect when you're expecting" or "Total body massage" but if none of those caught your fancy, you could just buy a pirated Tom and Jerry DVD and find your way out through the bubbles.
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011
Joy Bridal Fair, Accra 2011

Well, Gloria and I didn't buy anything. We had to grab a cake for a heavily pregnant woman's birthday and guess what we wrote on the cake? "MUSU AGBO" which means "BIG BELLY". She was not amused.
Have a great week.


ImageNations said...

Can't pretend I didn't see the Sex Bible. lol.

Abeeku said...

lovely shots Nana!

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