A dozen photos from my favourite beach

The last week has been tough. Malaria. I hate that disease; especially what it can do to children. Yesterday, was the first day I was able to go out for a while. I needed it. I made these photos whilst recuperating at the beach. Do enjoy them.
Remember, the fastest way to recover from Malaria is to stuff your belly with food; even though it tastes like sand in your mouth.

*For the photographers, I shot with Fuji's new x100.



DiDi said…
WOW i love the Pictures,NIce Work NANA.
Fiona Leonard said…
Glad to hear you're feeling better NK. Take care of yourself and stay away from mosquitoes!
BessieAkuba said…
thanks for these beautiful pictures!! I can surely settle for this while I am away from Ghana.
MR GK said…
Neat photographs.Love the new Blog Title up above too.
Unknown said…
Very nice pictures- everytime I am looking at your photographs, I'm getting homesick. Hope you've had a nice day at Labadi (=
Anonymous said…
Looks like La Pleasure but this one looks cleaner? I was just there with my family yesterday afternoon...not exactly what I expected but the kids had fun. Thanks for sharing
I am in great shape now and ready to hit the road again. Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers.

This is the La Pleasure Beach and it does look cleaner on Mondays :)

Enjoy your weekend.
Paul said…
Wonderful and insightful pictures Nana! I like the sincerity in each shot
Fayelle said…
I didn't know food would help malaria! I wish i'd known when i had it.

These pictures are so beautiful and refreshing. The one of the kid rolling the tire- my fave!
Hey Fayelle, didn't know you've had to deal with Malaria. Sure glad you survived it. We should go to this beach next when you're in Ghana :)

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