A thing for Mangoes

I salute all workers today.
How to eat a mango
My original plan was to post a couple of photos from the Workers Day parade at the Independence Square in Accra but I figured that was pretty predictable. The good thing with story telling is, sometimes the story comes to you.
How to eat a mango
When I saw my daughter passionately devouring a mango, it shot me straight down memory lane. I was approximately 5 years old and I lived with my grandmother at Tema, in Community Nine.
How to eat a mango
My grandmother loved mangoes. She would bring home a basket full whenever they were in season, every evening after work. After dinner, she would wash them with salt and water, sit in the verandah and start eating them gracefully. All the children and grandchildren got a mango each but since I was little, mine would often end up in the belly of an uncle who I need a favour from or has promised to take me somewhere nice. Each time one of them took my mango from me, I’d go back to my grandmother and manage to get a new one. It was nice being a favourite grandson.
How to eat a mango
One fateful evening, my grandmother refused to give me another mango. Being the good boy that I was, I started throwing tantrums. I threw myself on the floor and started screaming like crazy. She ignored me; smart woman. After a few minutes of me reeling though, some black ant who probably was tired of all my noise making sneaked into my briefs and gave me one wicked sting on my scrotum.
How to eat a mango
Screaming with my balls in hand and jumping all over the place, everybody knew these were no longer crocodile tears. This was the real thing.
How to eat a mango
I remember them dousing a rag with kerosene and rubbing that where the wicked ant stung me. I still don’t remember how I slept that evening. It is still a joke in the family, and seeing how my daughter loves mangoes, I know she’d one day have a story of her own, hopefully it will be more pleasant than mine.
How to eat a mango
Have a great week and remember… hard work breaks no bones.


Anonymous said…
Awesome pictures and could there have been a more apt story to go along with them.

You're so lucky to have such an adorable, little angel.
yeh said…
Nice storytelling and the photos are precious!!
Taz said…
Great story, Nana. Great photos, too! I love it!
Nana Yaa said…
I love mangoes! Bought one from the store last night which was SO DELICIOUS. I had to go back to the store this morning to get 2 more...they're sitting on my desk as I type!

Your daughter is so cute! She looks just like her brother.
name said…
nice story and beautiful pics
Fayelle said…
What a fun story and wow, what an adorable girl!!
Ama said…
Great story. I love mangoes. I need to try your cute daughter's mango eating technique. I usually peel and slice.

luna9 said…
¡Cono empezar! tienes un blog maravilloso lleno de espectaculares fotos y buenas historias.
Tu hijita me llenó de ternura ¡las caritas que pone y la concentración con que come el mango!
La historia de la pataleta y la hormiga me hizo reír mucho jajaja.
Un abrazo a la distancia y un beso para tu preciosa nena.
Anonymous said…
She's beautiful, and I love the story you shared.

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