Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day - A Portrait

Happy Mothers Day
God bless Mama
for the cuddles
and the kisses

God bless Mama
for the time outs
and the black outs

God bless Mama
for just being Mama.


Fayelle said...


Nana Kofi Acquah said...

Hey Fayelle, Happy Mothers Day to you :) I hope my cousin takes you out to some place nice to celebrate. Cheers, NK

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous and she is amazing - I love the wrinkles and the cuts - and the beauty.....wrinkles are not easy to love but I am trying to love mine too. I had this incredible professor in art school who was very old and a great painter who taught all his students to love what is different and unique about us humans, not to only show "beauty" as our culture sees it. That lesson, some many years ago, has always stuck with me. Our beauty is actually within and our face and body are what we inhabit. As always you are one of my fav photogs! Cheers, Renee

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