My brother, my grave

Let's walk

Didn’t you just smile at me
A moment ago and call me brother?
Did we not just crack up together when
Coconut seller Joe said his dirty joke?

Now, you curse at me? Like a barren pawpaw tree
You hack me down, scattering my brain
Like old leaves in the grasp of a nasty, dry wind.
How can so much go wrong in so little time
Or did I just not see all along?

So much wrath beautifully wrapped
In colorful proverbs and ancient rituals…
Sparkling white teeth cleverly shielding
The heart of the rapist deep within.
And like a little girl paid a compliment,
I skip happily towards you, my brother, my grave.

It doesn’t get darker than a cocktail
Of blood, politics and sycophantic fools.
Africa’s only problem is Africa
And Africa is her only solution.


Alli said…
Wow i am covered in Goosebumps. You sure know how to make your point in the most beautiful of ways

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