Before and After photo of a beautiful model

Can you spot the difference?


Nana said…
You colour corrected for skin and hair?
Anonymous said…
Her black strap has disappeared!
leyem said…
And you slimmed her left arm a tad bit. The after picture is a whole lot more defined. Great pictures as usual!
Ohima is ... said…
Now we know a trick about models ;)!
You're all correct but that is not all. I cleared her eyes a bit, made them a little bigger, raised her eyebrows a bit. cleared her skin a little too :)
George Q said…
Beautiful shot!

I'll be in Ghana this coming June. Let me know if you'd want to meet. I do!

Unknown said…
do you have a youtube channels showcasing your editing skills. I think that will be really awesome to see because your are super talented and love your blog

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