Accra by Night

Accra by night
Squeaky, overworked beds take over
After the lights go to sleep
And a symphony of snores crescendoes
From the chambers of the uninspired.

Everybody and everything that goes
Back and forth and back and forth
finally sweats to a halt; even if
For just a few hours till they
regain enough energy to start
Going back and forth and back and forth
All over this beautiful city again.

The mask we wear in the morning
Is not the one we greet Night with.
If you still think her softest spot
Is her heart, you haven’t found good use
For your blessed fingers yet.
Proper probing yields great results.

Accra, you’re a beautiful place to know…
At night.


Aba T. Tetteh said…
Is this Opeibea? It looks like it was taken from Holiday Inn.
Beautiful picture, Nana; lovely.
Unknown said…
I'm in love with the whole scenery.. I believe this was taken from the new Vodafone building at the Airport city. Nice one, NKA ;)
Winfred said…
seriously, this is a masterpiece!
Anonymous said…
I think I agree with Tetekai, from the Opeibea side...but then, it's so beautiful. There really are some beautiful things about Accra, if only we take out time, to notice ;)
Anonymous said…
Photography is becoming more artistic than descriptive (or maybe it always was and i didn't notice) everywhere I turn I see these wonderful pictures that are beautiful works of art on the one hand but utter lies on the other. We all live in Accra and most of us drive past these buildings everyday. Lets face it; they really aren't this hot...Kudos to the "photodriver" all the same. i'm not knocking your hussle i'm just making an observation. I actually love the pictures
Kevin said…
Great shot ! You've a very impressive quality portfolio ! Well done and you've my vote for you on coolphotoblog ! Thank you to show me Africa ! Congrats !
Anonymous said…
wow thus amazing
Hahahaha, I can't believe I never commented on this post before. Yes, it is a view of Opeibea House from the new Vodafone Office at Airport City.

Thank you all for your kind words.

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