Fishers of Plastic and eWaste

Looks like we are already at that point where we have more plastic than we have fish in our waters. Our environment is degenerating so fast that if we do nothing now, it is already too late.
Fishers of Plastic
If you know of an organization that is willing to team up with me to create serious social, environmental consciousness through photography, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Fishers of Plastic
I am at that point in my life where I don't believe in complaining anymore. I want to do something about this. I want to do it now.
Fishers of Plastic
Fishers of Plastic
Fishers of Plastic
Fishers of Plastic


João Miguel Lima said…
Hi! I came upon your page through Global Voices Online. I support the cause, though I don't hold any means to actually team up with you.
In spite of that, I have some general tips that - who knows? - could be of help.

The United Nations Programme for Environment has websites that could widespread the photos. They also open for contests and visual essays. The Regional Office for Africa could also find a way to develop this cause.

Greenpeace has a strong fight for the oceans, especially when related to fishing nets. Maybe they would be interested.

And as I mentioned Global Voices Online, they have a mini-grant offer for projects until early February. If you would like to coordinate a mini-workshop for kids and teenagers of Accra, teaching ways to use blogs, twitter, flickr and even the platform Ushahidi for a virtual map of spots where you've taken pictures of fish nets and e-waste along the coast... Maybe this could be of help, maybe it could a way of "doing something now", as you said.

Good luck!
Kwegyirba said…
I have a friend called Golda who has a SavingGhana and Renewable Energy solutions NGO. I'll direct her to your blog.

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