Sunday, 19 December 2010

Six Sexy Lovely Years with You.

The only sugar in my tea
Esi, my wife; my partner for life.
My sweet scented sunny Summer.
What did you do to the Winters
That draped my childhood dim?

I know you just loved them away
With a kiss, a hug, a prayer, a day
A song, a joke, a dish, a day
And it’s already six years today.


Anonymous said...

Many congrats on year six! It's always so beautiful when people appreciate their spouses.

Kodjo Deynoo said...

I enjoyed your poem

Juanita said...

Congrats! Six years is a wonderful achievement.
P.S She's pretty.
Many more years come your way.

Nana said...

She is very pretty. Congrats

Shels said...

aww dats so cute. Congrats!

Alli said...

That was a stunning tribute!

akwasi rise said...

wow.this better serves as an invitation for her to join u for the rest of ur life.i luv it

Amma Mama said...

Beautiful :-)

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