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Actually, this is a thank you post. Thank you so much for reading my blog in 2010. Thank you to all who ended up becoming my clients. I couldn't have fed myself and my growing family without you. Most people would rather just ask for free photos. You decided to pay for them. Thank you.

May the fleas from a thousand camels afflict the scrotum of anyone who seeks your ruin in 2011 and may their arms be too short to scratch it.

My last post for 2010 is a set of photographs, all made at the La Pleasure Beach. Let me see if I can run some commentary under each picture.

La Pleasure Beach
This is the lagoon that flows into La Pleasure Beach. The water is so polluted it is scary. If you ever swim at the La Pleasure Beach, please make sure you don't gulp down any of the sea water.
La Pleasure Beach
Mohammed is of Chadian origin. He doesn't go to school. He says his father is in Togo. All they do is beg. I hope in 2011, the Ghana government will finally do something about the Chadian beggars problem in this country. For how long can we all pretend, we don't know they "import" children into the country to use them as slaves? Anytime you see a kid that looks like Mohammed on the street begging for money, think "Child Slavery. Child Slavery. Child Slavery".

La Pleasure Beach No, I didn't have to pay 1 cedi before I got to photograph this sand sculpture. I consider Bob Atiso, the artist who does these beautiful pieces on the beach a new friend. On this particular piece, I told him "This is the slimmest girl I've ever seen you sculpt". He said that's because he naturally prefers women with some flesh. Hmm.

La Pleasure Beach La Pleasure Beach is a place for all kinds of Love.
La Pleasure Beach
These guys asked me not to photograph their faces. I guess they know their mothers and fathers read my blog and would really be shocked to see them swear.

La Pleasure Beach
I don't know what to say about this photograph. I bet they're just gossiping about someone. Now, I'm gossiping about them. Life.

La Pleasure Beach
How come we don't have female acrobats in Ghana? It's always these same guys always flying in the air. I hope they find some few women to help spice their performances in 2011.
I love you, be good and see you in 2011.


Fiona Leonard said…
congratulations on a wonderful year of photographs. May the coming year be a wonderful one for you and yours
Thank you Fiona, I hope to get to read your book in 2011. Will be great if it comes on a kindle too :) My Love to T and N.
Aba T. Tetteh said…
Thank you so much for your inspiring photos. Happy New Year and God bless you.
Louis said…
thanks you for all the inspiring pictures
La Pleasure Beach is a place for all kinds of Love

that made me laugh:)

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