Tough Tune to Dance To

Today, I photographed Millie. Her husband died yesterday.
She suffers from Tuberculosis and she's also HIV positive.
Now she has to raise their 4 children all by herself.
Life can play you a tough tune to dance to.
Tough Tune
If this wasn’t sad enough, the last thing I saw on my way
home, was a dead woman lying on the street. She was just
hit by a motor bike right in front of the Korle Bu Mortuary.
Now her family has two people to mourn for.
Life is a tough tune to some folk.


A. Gillispie said…
Dear Nana Kofi,

I know of an NGO in Ghana whose goal it is to assist vulnerable families like this one. For instance, they may be able to help her keep the children in school, or give assistance with food, or even assistance in treating her HIV (and having the children tested). Please email me at if you'd like me to give you the contact information for the NGO. I have an HIV+ daughter, so this issue is dear to my heart. If we can keep the orphan numbers from rising, we should!
Kajsa said…
Very sad. Why is the woman wearing a shirt saying "today fun FUN"? Was it a cruel coincidence?

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