Free to be me

Let me be me
Free me to be
Now, let me be me

Let my barefeet roam and run
And my laughter light the sun
As my forehead kisses the sky

Let me be me before I die.


Unknown said…
Striking image!

If only half of all Ghanaians could, totally beyond any external influence, be truly ourselves for just an entire year of our lives, free to follow our passions, I wonder how many great artists, farmers, engineers, philosophers, innovators..., doers, etc. would rise. It seems we're taught and directed from infancy to comform to a certain image or norm. We're basically "rigidised" from birth. Our self-expression is murdered the moment we begin to walk and buried when we start to talk. Little wonder many of us are walking zombies, far from who we really are.

Nanasei, I believe the challenge to break free and be ourselves is more universal than Ghanaian.
Fiona Leonard said…
I have been told that to follow one's passion is a "luxury". An interesting concept to think that passion is the domain of the rich.
Fiona, isn't it great that at last we can take our eyes off the bank accounts and admire how rich we truly are? I know for a fact that, there aren't that many people in the world, who truly enjoy their jobs.

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