Portrait of a cotton farmer.

Cotton Farmer
If you notice with this blog, I don’t often post photographs from assignments commissioned by clients unless I think it very necessary. My last post of the woman peeling cassava was taken for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). They are doing amazing work here in Ghana through such projects as REP and RTIMP. I’m sure you can google for more information on those.

This photograph above, I made just a couple of days ago in a tiny village 3 hours drive from Yamoussoukro in the Ivory Coast for BASF “The Chemicals Company”. With the current attention the African Farmer is receiving, I can’t help hoping and waiting for the time (in the very immediate future) when his/ her fortune turns.

For how hard they work, it will be good to see them enjoy some of the wealth they create.


Unknown said…
Beautiful picture; worth ten thousand words. What always strikes me is the sincerity in these farmers' smiles, despite all their toil. I believe they need to be exposed to the big picture of how products are used to make finished goods. With that, the hope is they would realize the real value of their work and demand the appropriate compensation...

Here's to hoping our farmers' lot improves in the very near future.

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