Just another day in Zongo

During my advertising years, I had a senior colleague- a man who had seen it all, earned it all and lived it all. He once confided in me that in moments of sadness, he goes to any of Accra’s “slums” Zongo, Nima… wherever is closest and just watch the people carry out their simple lives with so much grace, laughter and contentment.
Zongo Woman
Have a colourful, meaningful week ☺


Enyonam said…
Great picture. Noticed how even those residing in slums pay attention to cleanliness. Interesting but nice curtains.

By the way, when are you planning on visiting my blog? No signs of your presence and I would really love to feel that of one of the best photojournalists I have ever seen.
Maltiti Shop said…
Nice photo, bright colours. I've been in Nima, Accra. But did not have my camera with me. Still feel sorry for that!
Felix said…
Someone was once bragging about what the country lives in has to me (blah..). I told him, may be our people don't need all that. And that given the basics we have the ability as Ghanaians & Africans as a whole to make it beautiful and comfortable for ourselves. I believe everyone has the innate ability to make his/her life nice and comfortable (as he/she wants) provided he/she has the basics of life.

I am also not ignorant about the fact that what we see outside....on TV, in movies etc has the ability to influence what we would like to have. And what we would like to have or what we would like others to see we have make us greedy, to the extent that we rob ourselves to enable us acquire these things.......

Nice picture by the way.
Nana said…
You don't know how you made my broke self smile just now.

@Felix, lovely letters there, deep to. I share in that very thought

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