Gold Digger or Suarez's Grave?

Go dig gold this week! And remember, not all that glitter is NOT gold!

Model Agency: Dream Beckons
Model: Fobi Agyen
Photographer: Nana Kofi Acquah
Gold Digger


Anonymous said…
lovely,simply lovely...i think i like goldigger though.
Anonymous said…
Is that her booty? can we see other pics? If her booty is that big then she's a gold digger. Otherwise I say Suarez's grave :)
Eyram said…
Windrabe said…
@Nana: It seems as it is not going to work out with Ghana vs. Germany in the finals. It's a pitty; yes it is. However, tomorrow we will play against Uruguay!!! Yeah! This will be awesome and I am way more psyched about this game than the final match.

My best wishes to Ghana!


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