Obama we are sorry

Hello President Obama,
It’s quite unfortunate you’d have to skip dinner today.
Ghana vs USA celebrations
We know you’ve been terribly stressed lately: BP, Flotilla, Health Reform, Overweight recruits… and then this happens.
Ghana vs USA celebrations
But at least, you know it wasn’t personal. Somebody had to go home and we weren’t ready. Our president likes South Africa very much.
Ghana vs USA celebrations
We did our best to make sure your kids were comfortable enough to look dumb on our streets. Don't they look good?
Ghana vs USA celebrations
Finally, can you confirm that beating USA doesn't affect green cards and visas? After all, it's just a game right? Quite a number of our celebrants are worried; even though you can't tell from these pictures.
Ghana vs USA celebrations
We wish you all the best, and better luck next time. Off we go!
Ghana vs USA celebrations


Anonymous said…
I don't understand this blog. Insulting the Americans who are clearly enjoying the moment with the Ghana ppl is rather rude in my opinion. Take a break from politics and enjoy the world cup....jeez. Or go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine.
Hi Anon, you are quite right about your not understanding this blog.

First and foremost, I am sorry for being rude. It was not my intent to insult the three young americans in the photograph.

Secondly, this post was not intended to be political. The fact however remains that Ghanaians are very pro- American and they hold President Obama in high esteem. I believe the apology to Obama even though sounds very cheeky, is also sincere. Ghanaians love Americans and especially the president.

I think I must also state that when I said those kids look dumb. I honestly think they do. The photograph doesn't obviously say they were enjoying themselves. Look at it again. All three of them were unsure; especially the girl to the left.

But even worse, what they did last night, was really really "unwise" for lack of a better word. I sincerely hope they got back home unharmed.

I saw someone try to snatch the girl on the right's handbag and my colleague photographer, Nyani, who was with me, actually captured somebody squeezing the breasts of the girl to the left. If you are in doubt, send me an email and I'm sure I can get him to mail you that. I actually had to warn them to be careful. I think it was dumb for them to enter a street filled over 2000 soccer fanatics from the opposing side, half of whom were drunk or high on weed.

And if it in any way helps you deal with your loss to the Black Stars of Ghana, I just took your advise and went and enjoyed the sunshine on the beach today :)

Anonymous said…
@Anon - He was joking! There were no insults there! Please stop being a spoiled sport - one team had to lose, and it was the American team this time.
Taz said…
Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya. Kudos to the Black Stars! As Asamoah Gyan said, they made Ghana and Africa proud. Osee yee!
And Nana, this is a cool blog! I love the photos!
Windrabe said…
Hi Nana

Ghana vs Germany in the final match - that would be awesome! And it is quite possible since you won against the USA and we against England yesterday. Last mentioned was a really great game again and whole Germany is celebrating. :)

With my best wishes,

Love the little commentary. CLASS!
Anonymous said…
As always, excellent photo journalism from you Nana. And the commentary? *squeals* Oh You do it so well ;)

@ Anonymous1....take a chill pill. There's a plank labeled humour and someone needs to smack you with it LOL
Jemima Fuseini said…
lol @ Daixy and the "plank labeled humour". Lovely Photos. I went to Oxford street, my oh my! I hightailed it out of there quick, it was getting too much. and I see the point you were making about them being dumb (showing up in full US regalia, face-paint n all).

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