I saw a pig with colourful wings... I think


I think wings will look weird on a pig
No matter how colourful you make them.

I think people never ever change
Until God or tragedy or a baby hits them.

I think the Chinese are on a mission
To plant a child named Chan in every African village.

I think the Americans prefer
their presidents slim and their children fat.

I think the Dutch are afraid of drowning someday,
That’s why they design their shoes like boats.

I think farmers and waiters and cleaners
Should earn more than actors and footballers.

I think true love is harder to find and keep
Than a black man in a black suit standing in the dark.

I think Bush means Hitler in German and Mugabe in Shona.

I think all young successful Africans should volunteer
As teachers in deprived schools one week, every year.

I think Europe and America highly prefer uneducated black people.

I think the people with the strongest opinions are the ones
Who know the least about any thing that really matters.

I think that's a photo of my daughter but only my wife can say for sure.


Felix said…
Interesting! Couldn't agree with you more on this "Europe and America highly prefer uneducated black people". Good job!
Anonymous said…
Oh no, you didn't?!
Anonymous said…
"I think Europe and America highly prefer uneducated black people". Interesting. I think we Africans allow Europeans and Americans to take advantage of us, hence our numerous problems.
Anon, No, I didn't :)

Actually, when my wife read the "my daughter" bit, she said "thank you very much" and I gleefully replied: "you're welcome" :)
Anon, I think Africa must first hold itself accountable for its failures. It is very easy to play the blame game. Africa doesn't solve her problems, nobody will solve it for them.
Anonymous said…
I think the next big thing/if not already
is to use Africa as a damping ground.
Alli said…
Loved reading it comment about dutch people made me laugh so hard but at the same time i could see the points you were making, just discovered your blog and im loving it. i'm a young Ghanian girl/amateur photographer/student/Blogger/Music lover living in canterbury and your blog is very inspirational for me. I would love to feature some of your photographs on my blog if that is okay with you (i will of course attach a link to your website/blog)

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