Happy Fathers Day

This is a photograph of my son wishing me a happy fathers day. I'm sure that is him and his sister in the picture.
Happy Father's Day
I want to also dedicate this image to my father, Mr. Peter N.E. Acquah and to all the other fathers God has blessed me with.

I have fathers on almost every continent of this world. Honorable men who have shared their lives and experiences with me without restraint. Men who have taught me to dream big, men who have taught me to keep my word to my own hurt. Men who have taught me that being an African is an advantage and not a curse.

And there are the men who through their silence and strength have been to me such great example. I am tempted to mention names but then this blog post will never end.

To everyman who at any time has treated me as a son, or brother or friend. I wish you today, happiness, long life, good health and prosperity. May the God who is my source of peace and light be unto you light in your darkest hour and a pillar of strength when everything and every one else fails you.

Happy Fathers Day!


Thank you Esi and Tafari :)
Unknown said…
Great picture. Wonderful post. Fills my heart with joy.

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