Ghanaian Mentality and a Portrait

When you hang around Ghanaians, you hear many things.

I think we are loud, happy and “I-don’t-care”.

But today, I overheard a man’s voice say “Ghanaian Mentality”.
Exactly what that is, I don’t know but may be if I saw it,
I could make it out.

Portrait of a Piper


Nana said…
I totally love this picture but then again I am a great fan of your work :) I think most of the time when people refer to Ghanaian mentality it has a negative connotation and they are usually referring to issues like 'lateness', 'i don't careism', 'a lack of attention to detail and excellence', etc. We need to reclaim 'Ghanaian mentality' to mean all things positive about Ghanaians
I agree with Nana, and have a bit more to add. Indeed I am the epitomy of i don't careism and lack of attention to detail all rolled in one. Is that bad? I think not. I think all people have strengths as well as weaknesses. I'm a big picture kind of person. So in work, it's good if i'm paired with a nitty gritty details kind of person. There's a place for the big picture people of this world. As there is a place for people who can shrug things off --also known as i don't careism. Not all the things that characterize us are bad. We need to reframe the conversations:)
mark carey said…
wonderful blog, wonderful portrait.
Anonymous said…
I'm Canadian and I am frequently late and rarely pay attention to detail. However, after living in Ghana for several years I do think there is a Ghanaian mentality; generally polite, inquisitive, and hopeful. Perhaps you have difficulty seeing your nations 'mentality' since you are within it, of it, and shaping it, as I am sure that I have difficulty being objective about mine.

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