Ghana vs Serbia. Fans Celebrate on Oxford Street, Accra

They say “a picture is more than a thousand words”. I hope these photographs do the story of how Ghanaians watched and celebrated the Black Stars 1-0 victory of the Serbs justice.
You can view more on my flickr page. Just click on any one of these photos and you can view all 44 of them on flickr.

Go! Black Stars Go!
Ghana vs Serbia
Ghana vs Serbia
Ghana vs Serbia
Ghana vs Serbia
Ghana vs Serbia
Ghana vs Serbia


Oteiba said… did you post your pictures?i'm having a hard time doing it on my blog.i don't like the alignment options they are giving me.
at the bottom of my blog page is the secrete :)
Tafari said…
Excellent! That panning shot is kick ass my friend.
Tafari, I'm glad you like that photo. I knew I needed on panning shot just for my photographer friends :)
Anonymous said…
I stumbled across your website and work today while looking for Photographers in Ghana - A place that I would love to visit. Your work is stunning, totally amazing - Congratulations on your continued success.
I checked out your website too. Really cool stuff. I love your hair series and the portrait of the photographer. Keep up the good work.
Remi said…
What camera do you use if you don't mind me asking. Thanks.

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