From “Gutter to Gutter” to World Cup

Nothing in life can beat the power of a dream. We all used to play “gutter to gutter” as kids. Some of us couldn’t see beyond the stench wreaking gutters out of which we had to reluctantly fish out our drenched socks ball or “chelesa”. Ghana Soccer Story
Others however, saw beyond the tiny alleys and abandoned streets of Accra. The chosen few dream of playing before the whole world and even lifting the much envied Golden Cup. And God being their help, that dream might come true soon.
Ghana Soccer Story
The crescendoing soccer fever has got me kicking myself for turning down the offer to photograph the world cup in South Africa. I don’t shoot much sports was my reason but now the craze is so high, I find myself documenting soccer in Ghana. Ghana Soccer Story
I’ve had the privilege of seeing Chris Steele-Perkins’ of Magnum’s football photos he made recently in Ghana, and if I can create anything a quarter as good, I will give myself an award. Chris, thank you for inspiring me.
Ghana Soccer Story
This morning, I just want to bare my heart out to you and say “Don’t abandon your dream, no matter how retarded they sound”. Dreams have more than enough power in themselves to fulfill themselves. All we have to do is to be strong enough to be there. Don’t give up. Have a great day!


chris Steele-Perkins said…
Hello Nana - you are not doing too badly yourself! Keep it up.

Best wishes

Peter Vlam said…
Great images NK! Beautiful. Reminds me of work by this photographer: His book is called European football fields. Time for an African version.
Thank you Chris, coming from you, it's very much appreciated :)
Wow Peter, Hans' series is interesting. Thanks for sharing it with me. See you soon man.
Shani Sterling said…
Just came across your blog, LOVE IT! Also thanks for putting hope out in reference to dreams! Somehow I read it just in time!
Shani, "Just in Time" is something we could all do with more often. I wish you success in your endeavours. I would love to see you dance someday :)
Shani Sterling said…
Thanks for the well wishes and I pray that one day you will see me dance. It would be wonderful to see my dance through your eyes

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