The King is Burning (macro photography tips and more)

Yesterday, Teddy Dako posted a link to some amazing macro photographs on facebook.
After watching them, I started missing this aspect of photography so this morning,
I took my macro lens and flash and got to work.

Have you ever seen the animation “Cars”? It is one of my son’s favourites. He has all the cars in the series but his favourite is this the blue race car, The King. In the movie, the King gets into a terrible accident and catches fire.

Two days ago, whilst his mum was busy cooking, my son dropped pushed his The King race car onto the stove and got it burnt. He was excited at his ingenuity. He’s managed to recreate the scene in the movie. Well, his happiness didn’t last long. He soon realized his car can’t race anymore and he’s the saddest little boy.
Dinoco is burning

But I’m happy Dad and photographer because now I have a prop that I can use to create that magical scene of the King on fire. No, I didn’t set the king on fire too. I only passed some few lit matches around him whilst my camera was in long exposure mode.
Dinoco is burning
Dinoco is burning
Dinoco is burning
Dinoco is burning

If you want to know how to do some of these things, why not sign up for upcoming Photography Masterclass Courses? Tutors will be Steve Ababio, Nyani Quarmyne, Karina Dafeamekpor and yours sincerely, moi.


At the risk of sounding geeky. I wish I could do this! This is soooooo cool!
E A Gamor said…
Where the sign-up sheets at? Always wanted to light my own toys on fire...
Nana said…
Bredren is this how you tell me that you are finally going to do another class. Sign me up already :)
Anonymous said…
At the risk of sounding super geeky, that's not actually The King. That's Lighting McQueen in Dinoco Blue. You torched the wrong car!

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