How I spent my Easter Holidays

Easter Pics
I hear the greatest inheritance any parent can give their children is positive memories. I spent part of this Easter holiday with my family at the Stone Lodge. Beautiful place. I plan to take some models there for a photoshoot one of these fine days. This photo is me and my son walking in the grass.

The "baddest" news this holiday was the Vatican's response to all the charges against some of their priests for molesting boys. The Pope has his beautiful white robes stained for his lack of action in a past position. As a father of a son, I was quite disgusted when first, they compared the criticism to the holocaust and secondly, when they called it "petty gossip". Holy Fathers, y'all know molesting boys is neither "petty" nor "gossip". We expect better from you. If you can't live up to it, just get yourselves some wives and leave our little boys alone. (I'm glad I got that off my chest).

Easter Pics Zenobia is half Ghanaian, half Lebanese and currently studies in Cyprus. She loves to model. It was fun taking her to the crowded Labadi Beach. We decided to not do a real shoot since everybody was busy staring at her and it made her uncomfortable.

Easter Pics
And finally, Labadi Beach was covered in "black" on Easter Monday. After the fasting and prayer from Friday to Sunday, most people were in the mood to "give unto Caesar what belongs to Ceasar". Was there ever a more fun loving people? Keep Chilling, Ghana.


Unknown said…
Holiday makers in Cyprus at Easter time strolling through the villages of bellapais or Protaras Paralimni would be forgiven for thinking they had been whisked into a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

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