For My Original Valentine on a very cold morning

Love and snow
I stood shivering in the cold wind
and watched these flowers remind
me of the Love I so miss.

I made this photograph for you
To say you're my one only Love
and I miss you today too.

Happy Valentine's day my Love
and if God wills, I'll hold you tonight
till all the Winter in me dissolves...

and a new shivering begin.

Nana Kofi Acquah © 2010

Love and snow


Shels said…
Ah, romance. Beautiful words also, welcome back to the south :-)
Anonymous said…
Great text! You have an 'original valentine'. Do you also have other valentines?

Shels, thank you.

Kajsa, it is good to be back home.

Jak, I have many many valentines in my life and I am a happy man but there is always "the one" and she knows who she is :)
dongyangxiyang said…
Just came across your site, and captured by the beautiful shots.

If you are based near Osu, Accra, may be we can meet and chat? I am hobby photographer but nevertheless passionate about it.

Hi Brian,
I am currently supposed to be resting my back. When I am fit enough, I will take you up on your offer. Cheers, NK
Unknown said…
:-) Brings happy tears to the windows of my soul!!!!

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