Haiti who hates you? A poem and Photograph for Haiti

A poem for Haiti

Haiti who hates you?

Your blood is on the hands of the winds.
Your battered blood strikes the conscience of Earth.

Haiti my blood.
Who hates you?

I hear your cry in the centre of the earth.
Is it your tears I taste in my sea?

Haiti who hates you?
Let them know they can’t crush you.
Slavery couldn’t.
Poverty couldn’t.
Tsunami couldn’t.
Earthquake is a joke.

Haiti my brother!
I see you lose your arms and legs
But your strong heart still lifts the flag.

Haiti who hates you?
Black existed before all else.
Everything goes back to black.

Haiti immortal.
Your mother wails. Your siblings sob.
You’re in our bleeding heart still.

And we await your rising sun.

Nana Kofi Acquah©2010


Ewiase said…
thanks for this lovely poem to a black country which have been left to its lot for too long by the world community.
Anonymous said…
heart wrenchingly beautiful
Unknown said…
Beautiful poem. Bless your heart

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