pause and enjoy :)

Yesterday was my 5th Wedding Anniversary. My wife and I have been sooo busy we both forgot. Fortunately, my sweet sister reminded us. We were happy and grateful but too tired to celebrate. This is not the life I wish for. I want to have a life. I know my lack of a life has nothing to do with my fate and everything to do with my choices.

As we gear up for the new year, that might be one of my resolutions: to have a quality life. To spend my strength on those and that which matters. It sounds like a small resolution but I know it is a tough one.

So as a way of celebrating my wedding anniversary and also wishing you a wonderful christmas and a great new year, I share this image with you. I do hope that in the coming year, you will savour on the sweet things in life. Let's promise ourselves, we are not going to "cast our pearls before swines".

sweetness in the mouth


Maya Mame said…
Happy anniversary, Nana Kofi!

And do make sure you have the life you want next year. After all, what is money and success without quality of life? Wishing you all the best in 2010!
Jim Young said…
Very creative shot I like it alot!
Alan said…
Amazing image.

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