This is Love

Love is a fart in the sheets
That chokes your chuckles

Love is a well-timed cry
That halts your orgasm.

Love is a snore and a ceiling
And well worn lingerie.

Love is a squeaky old door
That leads to a bed or an office.

Love is a tired, dimmed wedding ring
Strangled daily by a fattening finger.

Love is a badly sang song
That sounds better than Sonatra.

Love is dentures and spectacles
That smile at tiny little feet.

Love is discouraged, fallen breasts
That guard a grey and faithful heart.

Love is many Harmattans.
Love is Rain. Love reigns.
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Teddy said…
Lovely pics, Nana. I like the kids one. Friendship that could last a long time.
dede said…
i'm awed by ur definition of love. it's simply amazing.... i love it! u r something else. u know that?
@ Teddy. Yes some friendships do many lifetimes. some names come to mind just thinking about that.

@ Dede. Thank you. I don't know if I have fully figured out what love is yet.
Sankofa said…
What a small world! This is a family friend of mine and just last week I was telling her that I knew of a really good photographer (because she wanted photos for her business brochure). She said the guy who did her wedding was great so she'd ask him. I guess great minds think alike! Lovely poem too.
Sankofa, the world is really really small. Sometimes it scares me.
posekyere said…
I come here to learn.
And I surely have learned something about true love.
Juanita said…
Wonderfully composed, truly, love will always reign.
Posekyere and Nita, thanks for your kind words
I have always thought love was so complicated an issue to the extent that only Pictures could be used to describe it. Nana, you just defined true LOVE!!!!
Leye said…
Beautiful work. I find inspiration always in your work. Thanks for the images of Ghana, although not my country, yet still very much like other parts of Africa. Thank you.
Edward, so you see, Love is not that complicated :) and I know we have an unfinished business.

Leye, I'm glad I can inspire you. Africa is one and the same even though we speak many diverse languages.
Nana said…
You soppy so and so! :)
Anonymous said…
It's interesting how similar photography and poetry are.Your work greatly honors both.Lovely poem.Rock on!


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