Going Lokko in Accra

This is my favourite Ghanaian T shirt brand and I was delighted to see they have a stand in Silver Bird, Accra Mall.
One of my favourite designs is the one Daniel Arthur is wearing in this photograph: "Chale Why?"

I must say I also love Kayobi's "Make fufu not war" T shirts.

If we move from T shirts to wax prints, then some new faves on
the block are Christie Brown, Renee and coming soon, Maksi.


Nita said…
Beautiful..on my way to GH soon..gonna get me one of those..
Peter said…
Yo Mister Acquah, get me such a shirt man! One that fits a tall white boy :))
Hoi Peter :) I will remember that :)
Nana said…
Bless your cotton socks!!!!!MAKSI coming soon xxx
Unknown said…
Thanks for the shout - we ate KAYOBI love u back - keep up the stunning imagery
Love it! Do you know if there's a way to order these here in the states?
for all those interested in our tees we'll soon have our e-commerce website online.

nana thanks for the love. hope to see you soon :)

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