Feminist Jesus and Gambian Children

How can anybody be feminist and not love Jesus? He did more for the cause and status of women than any politician has ever done. If you don't believe me, check these out:

1. He honored his mum by turning water into wine at her request. She made the request at a wedding (in a public place) and even though he didn’t want to do it, just to make her feel good, he did.

2. He healed an oppressed and hunched woman on a Sabbath. He called her “daughter of Abraham” and said the devil had no right to bind her for 18 years. The Pharisees hated Him for this but He cared more about the woman’s health and joy than their egos.

3. He conversed with a “lose woman” from a marginalized race in the most public of all places- a well. The story ends with this woman becoming the toast of her town. He gave her her pride and dignity back.

4. He single handedly defended a woman against a mob of fanatics. We don’t know what he wrote in the sand but we know he said: “whoever has not sinned before should cast the first stone”. And then he told her, “neither do I condemn you”.

5. He spoke against polygamy and said every woman deserves to have her own husband. Girls, because of Jesus, you don’t need to share your man. You can have him all to yourself.

6. Jesus said divorce was permitted by Moses because men were killing their wives in order to get rid of them but the right thing for any man to do, is to love his wife to death.

7. Jesus showed his love for Mary and Martha by going to resurrect their dead brother. He wept when they doubted his intentions and abilities.

8. A woman who had been menstruating for 12 years touched him and he said it was alright. In Jewish tradition, it was a taboo. The woman was shaking with fear when Jesus asked who had touched him. She thought she was going to be stoned to death but Jesus rather congratulated her on her faith.

9. Even on his death cross, he thought about his mum and asked his disciples to take very good care of her for him since he was dying and won’t be there in the physical to provide for her.

10. Finally, when he rose from the dead, he made sure the first person to see Him was a woman. This technically means, the first person to ever preach the gospel was... you guessed right... a woman.
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Sankofa said…
This was a really cool list. It's nice to be reminded once in a while.
The Author said…
Interesting. I agree with Sankofa that this is a cool list.
Nana said…
Now if all the churches would preach such a sermon, I would be the first one there:)

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