To Africa. No matter where you are now.

caxito-baobabIn yesterday's scorching sun, a hawker was busy selling rain boots. Five metres away from him, another one was selling neck ties. And then this taxi driver who couldn't even get his engine to run, tried to cut into my lane. I looked at him and said in Twi but with a funny Ga accent "Hey, wo pe se wo sei wo kaa no wo hu?" (Hey, do you want to destroy your car?) The mock anger and grin on my face pissed him off so much he said, "Fa wo nkwasea sem no soo ho" (Take your nonsense somewhere else). At this point my wife and I broke out laughing... and just when we thought we had enough of the humour, this guy selling canned milo walks over to our car and screams " Yeees, MIRO". The sun was stupidly hot but it couldn't stop the laughter. This is why I love Africa. Sometimes, nothing makes sense but that's the beauty of it all.

So this photograph, which I made somewhere in Angola, Caxito is dedicated to every African and every lover of Africa, no matter where in the world you are from or are now.


Lol! The idiosyncrasies of our good continent are wonderful, no?
Unknown said…
NKA, we should talk. I'm thinking caption for photos....meanwhile check out it's new.
The Author said…
Nice story, nice pic. Nothing like mighty nature to make us realize how small we really are.
Sankofa said…
The hawkers in Accra have been a constant source of entertainment. I also saw 5 men in a punch-up over the politics of overtaking on my first day here. Never a dull moment!
Miro with Blown blead....:)
Yinkuslolo said…
im an avid follower, yet a passive reader of ur photo-blog. good stuff, esp. this one. the picture blurb gets me in every way
Friday's Afro said…
haha! I have to go back to Ghana soon! I remember the hawkers chanting ''PK PK''
Anonymous said…
funny story :) i miss Ghana so much!

Maame Dufie
I am ashamed to say this is like my second time here. More fool me, Nana K. Great stuff!!! "stupidly hot" pretty much encapsulates the climes of Ghana off-late!!

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