Colorful Day at the La Beach

I had to post these colourful pictures. I know I've been quite bloody on this blog but there is more to life than death, blood and fire. There is also laughter and joy, peace and love, warmth and affection, sweet and ticklish, friendship and humour. Have fun enjoying these photographs and do have a great week. Colorful dayColorful dayColorful dayColorful day


The Author said…
Spot on, as usual, Sir!
Thank you NY. See you on thursday
Mike said…
Korean backpacks, gorgeous sunset & thick mamas. Beautiful. What was the occasion being celebrated at that beach?
Unknown said…
Nice photos, man.. Always rekindling that photography desire in me. Enjoy :)
Unknown said…
Nana K, they said you are very good. I disagree: you're phenomenal!
Ananse, you are very kind :)

Mac-Jordan, let the desire consume you ;)

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