Toothless Ol'man

I was documenting the lives of three women (mother, daughter, granddaughter) around Korle Bu, Accra when this old man came by. He started flirting with this old but younger woman and I really enjoyed watching them at it. We got into conversation and he tells me he used to be a drummer in quite a number of big bands back in the 60s.

I have a special love in my hearts for old creatives. Especially the ones in Ghana. Most of them live and die as paupers. I remember the story my dad told me about the last days of Bob Cole, the famous lead character in "I told you so". Scary story. I personally saw a bit of Araba Stamp's last days. Sad case too.

I remember a poetry bash at British Council, Accra and George Williams, Ghana's veteran actor recited a poem about a canister that was crushed and discarded after its sweet contents had been gulped down by an ingrate.
Honestly, I think that is what Africa does to its creatives. The few who survive are the ones who are smart enough to fight the system.
Happy Ol'man


Nana said…
There is something totally enchanting with faces that show the lines of I making sense?
Exactly the reason why enjoy making portraits of old people. You are making a lot of sense. Thanks for the moral support at MFA today.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful picture
alterdom said…
Your photos are really beautiful.
Greetings from France
Lady A said…
But he's happy. I can see it in his eyes.
Lady A, he was flirting with a woman. That will make anyone happy

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