Some great makers represent in Accra

Ok let's start with Bertil. He works for Africa Interactive and had celebrate his birthday in Accra because of Maker Faire. Bertil handles and is in contact with over 700 journalists and reporters across Africa. You can check their main website at

Have you heard of the famous Blackboard Blogger of Africa? His name is Alfred Sirleaf. I asked him today if he is in anyway related to the Liberian present and he said yes. Who would have thought writing on a black board could make one a superstar?

Finally, let's meet the Malawian young man who invented his own windmill from scratch in some remote village in Malawi with just 60 inhabitants. He made his first windmill at the age of 14, to power a radio set. William Kamkwamba was a drop out at the time of his invention. He's currently studying in South Africabertil-bdayalfred-sirleafWilliam-K


This is a beatifull picture of Bertil on his birthday!!
Thank you for the joy I got of looking at it.
Marrie, Bertil's mother :-)
Hi Marrie, if I knew you will be seeing this post, I would have posted more from that night together. You have an amazing son. I am proud to call him a friend :)

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