Jenny's journey



Teddy said…
Chale, Nana, you've outdone yourself again. Lovely subject and wicked composition.
Thanks Teddy, pretty girls are actually quite easy to photograph.

Sandu, thank you :)
An exposition of true African beauty!
posekyere said…
I like her eyes.
I think she is pretty.
Leye said…
Hey Nana, no new photos to share? I hop on to your website every other day for inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more of your perspective on life in Ghana.
KaySlay (Model Advocate/Fashion Promoter) said…
These are reasons why I think models are "under" unappreciated.
She is an epitome of a models international...You,Nana have got a great sense of creativity and composition.
with the blend of designers,models and photographers-Africa is headed to the next level.
Thanks for your works

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