We Sit on Gold and Beg for Brass

Our taps are dry in this Rainy Season,
But there is no time to complain.
Carry your gallons and go seeking
Lest you spend your night with stinky siblings
And go to bed on an empty stomach.


This is very unfortunate. I wonder if we should leave our destiny in the hands of politicians.
Teddy said…
Well, we get the politicians we vote for. Nana, I like the title of the series here. Depicts the reality we face.
@ David - About Politicians, I think we normally end up with junk because smart guys like you would rather focus on your business and a peaceful private life. The call to serve the public in any capacity demands so much sacrifice that we normally end up with fool-hardy folk or good-hearted heroes. Only problem is, the foolhardy volunteer more often.

@ Teddy - My only problem is, it is an ancient reality. Can modern folks like you and me do something about it? Even if it is something small?
Teddy said…
Tough question, Nana. I'm very inclined to say we can do something about it, looking from a positive point of view. After all, the "yes we can" slogan has gotten new meaning since this year.

But like you mentioned, the call demands so much sacrifice, who is willing to make that one? I think in our small way, we can make a change, or an addition or help. And if we can't, we have to make darn sure we show our kids how to do it.
I totally agree that optimism was reborn in the hearts of Africans and people of African descent with the rise of Obama. Let's how far we go with that.

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