Tidbits for Obama as he visits Ghana

Well, Mr. President, even though I cannot get to officially photograph you, I figured I could dedicate an image to you. It is the least I can do. WELCOME TO GHANA
And before I forget, I want to give you some tidbits on Ghana:

1.) If at table, our president says “You are invited”, He doesn’t necessarily mean it. He’s just being polite. It is common in Ghana to have a friend frown at you for eating their food, even though they gladly invited you.

2.) If you hear someone scream “Ballack Obama”, don’t ignore them. It’s you they are calling. Some Ghanaians consider “L” and “R” to be siblings so they use them interchangeably. I can see a typical Ashanti diplomat looking at you and the first lady and saying “Ballack and Micherre, you are wercome”.

3. I know you are left-handed Mr. President but in Ghana, you never wave with your left hand. Traditionally, we consider the hand you use to clean your $%@*! after using the toilet to be unwholesome for anything else. I remember this petty trader yelling “Master, why your left?!” at me in Cape Coast. I quickly remembered I am in Ghana. The worst thing you can ever do in Ghana, is to eat fufu with your left hand. Everybody will stop eating to look at you. If you don’t trust me, try it.

4. When the chef brings your dinner and you think the sauce or soup is stinky, IT REALLY IS. Koobi or Ewurafua or Momomone is salted fish that is partially left to rot and then dried. If your host serves you Koobi, then they consider you really special. Mr. President, if you are courageous enough to try Koobi, then don’t even bother brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Koobi’s powers cannot be tamed by toothpastes or soap. You must give yourself two to three days to get your fresh breath back.

5. Mr. President, I know you are interested in our oil. That’s ok. If in a meeting you keep hearing the word “WOYIR” , "WOYEL" or “OYER”, they are talking about the same thing - Oil.

6. Finally, if our president in a chat tells you “Our ECOMINI”, he means ECONOMY. He mixes them up sometimes.

Thank you Mr. President and do have a wonderful stay in Ghana.


Barbara said…
Your SOH is incredible@

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