Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sunny Days

Ride over my winter with your smile
Nudge out my darkness with your touch
You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine
Sunny Days


TheBizmic said...

Dude....who ever you are you are doing a GREAT the Avant Garde approach to photography being applied right here in Ghana by a Ghanaian....Incredible to see a whole spate of young people using their talents and skills to do great things.....I'm gonna follow this blog mos def....check mine out too....its called The Bizmic.....Safe and keep it up yeah

TheBizmic said...

I posted before but it didn't show for some odd reason....Awesome blog the modern approach to Artistic photography being used in Ghana by a Ghanaian bruv....keep up the good

Nana Kofi Acquah said...

Mr. Ampofo, I'm glad you could post now. Teddy Dako notified me about the posting hustle. I'm glad I could fix it. I checked out your blog. You are an avid writer. I think you'd enjoy Teddy's blog too. (

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