SOS- David has a hole in his heart

Little David
I'm currently documenting the lives of three generations of women- grandmother, mother and daughter. Whilst spending time with mother, I learnt her youngest son, David has a hole in his heart. As a result, he is not growing properly. They cannot afford surgery. His grandmother works for the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital but there has been no help. I hear the scan he needs must be done at Komfo Anokye Hospital. Everyday David lives is just a miracle. If anybody knows of some organization I can write to for help, I'd be most grateful. Such an intelligent life must not be allowed to fade out soon.


Teddy said…
Shoot. This is sad to read. What's the amount they need for the scan? Maybe knowing that, it's possible to break it down. maybe get contributions from many places instead of just one?
I think on the scan issue, the main challenge now is being told when is their turn. But I figure she had enough to go to Kumasi and pay, they will do it for her. That's how it works in Ghana. Let me see if I can find out.
Anonymous said…
There is a Christian organization in the US that travels for medical mission work. It's called Arise and Walk Ministries Foundation. Maybe you could contact them with David's need:

Megan said…

They have helped children from Africa lifesaving surgeries that could not be performed in the US. They have the connections to work out transport, surgery and then post op care with a family until they child is returned home healthy with a new chance at life.

Possible that they have contacts that can assist with getting scans and procedures done in Ghana.


I also will pass the post on to a contact of mine at that org so that they will be expecting to hear from you.

Awww Megan, you just made my day. I will email them immediately.

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