Only Your English

Don't ask me where I photographed this :)


Anonymous said…
Where did you photograph this? :)
Nana said…
Where did you photograph this? Ooops, did you say not to ask? Lol, it's the obvious comment/question
@ Anon and Nana - There is a tiny village hidden in the hills of the Eastern Region called Tekyikrom :) I'm not sure you can find on Google Maps :)

@ Nana Yaw - what is Rotf?
Teddy said…
Nana, nice one here. And what were you doing in this tiny village?...;).
Rotf? Rollin over the floor. You could add the l for laughing at the
Hahahaha Teddy, unfortunately, I couldn't roll over the floor at the time I was making this photograph because I had to be respectful. I was on assignment for Philips, Europe.

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