Ghana goes bananas and nuts.

I normally would ignore a scene like this but recently, I notice quite a number of Ghanaians and other africans living abroad frequent my blog.

I made this photograph for you because I know how much you miss home. We miss you too :) And if by any chance this photograph takes you down memory lane, it's ok to share your story with us. Just make sure it is funny :)


Teddy said…
Nice capture, Nana.

Indeed takes us down memory lane. You want to eat something, but you're not very hungry. More like wanting a snack. The crunchy nuts and the sweet banana.

Thanks for that.
Kan-did said…
Sweet! The bananas look so sweet and real; unlike the ones on steroids that we have in Canada, and I'm yet to find the salty nuts the way it's made back home.
This picture reminds me of when we always had to share a bag among friends in elementary school every time one of us bought a bag of these groundnuts - as we used to call them.

Nana, Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
It's a pleasure Kan-did. Isn't it good to know we have some of the nicest tasting fruits and nuts in Africa?

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