Resolution and Independence- Ghana style

Today at Circle in Accra, I photographed a 59 year old hawking-tailor. His name is Amuzu but he's popularly known as Agogo. In spite of the physical and financial challenges he deals with everyday, he wears a happy face.


Nana said…
Great Pic and Narrative. Viva independence!
Tafari said…
Lovely set of portraits! I dig you man!
Nana Kofi, wo ye adie!
Anonymous said…
I love,love, love your photos :) Keep up the great work. What camera are you shooting on? I am film director but love photography as a hobby and on the side :) I am going to check in on your blog for updates :)
@ sankofa - thanks for the support :) I shoot canon too. This particular series was shot with a 5d. Cheers

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