Mouth Organ. Abele. Poor man's friend

I spent a short time with this roasted corn seller and I was amazed at how many customers she has. I also kept remembering the many Ghanaian stories around corn and all the various nicknames it has. It will be great to hear what story you have about the famous mouth organ. No, the story doesn't have to Ghanaian.


Faf said…
"Choices, Choices". I like the look of the guy in the third photo.

Cant quite decide which one to pick.
Unknown said…
I love the scene.. Muddy road, Express Way Photos and the Roasted Corn Seller.. Nice one.....!!!
peter said…
Hi Nana Kofi. In The Netherlands we grow a lot of corn. It is hardly meant for food for people though, but for cows and pigs. I have heard somewhere that there are more pigs than humans in our little country. Scary thought :)
Anonymous said…
In Tanzania, what will be missing in the corn, is piece of lemon and chill, which people apply in the corn (Swahili name is MAHINDI)

Adam Foya
@ Peter, I think they should ban the sale of condoms and all forms of family planning in The Netherlands. How can you have more pigs than people? Haven't you guys read George Orwell's Animal Farm?

@ Adam, In Ghana we don't have the lemon and chilli, at least, as far as I know. But we do, is dip the hot roasted in corn in a bowl of salt water and chew the corn with a hard coconut.

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