Hello Kofi, want a cup of coffee?

"No thank you, I'd prefer a cup of tea".

I can't count the number of times I get offered a cup of coffee. I guess my name Kofi has something to do with it. I have nothing against coffee. Trust me. I actually like the smell of coffee but I get very nauseous and uncomfortable when I take even a sip. So by default, I love tea.

This photograph is part of a series of advertising photographs I'm making for my portfolio. I chose Lipton because we have a past. I used to be a creative person on the account some years back.

For those interested in making a similar photograph, this was made with a Canon 5d and the EF 100 Macro. The photograph was lit with two speeedlites both off camera and triggered with an ST-E2. Of course the product was set up in a cocoon.


Nana said…
Totally unrelated but I just noticed that you have a new photograph in your banner. Love it! I love pictures of elderly people, there seems to be so much history captured on their faces. I hope I grow old enough to have the beauty of all that I have experienced depicted on my body. Of course I do not expect that to happen until I am 100 years old

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