GT Broadband mom paaaaaaaa!

Just yesterday, I walked into the iBurst office at Asylum down to spend $200 on a modem and some credit.
I am amazed how fast it is, how polite they are, how efficient the staff is, how organized and informed!
How come Ghana Telecom never seems to find such people to employ?

Over the past two months, my internet connection has been sporadic and unreliable. I mean it has always been like that but these past two months have been crazy. Even when it works, only one computer can browse at a time even though I pay GH¢43 every month for a broadband service. Then from friday, I noticed I couldn’t even access my own website ( so I call Michael, web-developer and he tells me it’s a Ghana Telecom thing. True to form, I meet him at his office and my website works. I go to Cuppa Cappuccino too and it works.

You wonder how come I haven’t reported to Ghana Telecom? How come I haven’t called their Call Centre? My good friend, don’t worry your head. I have. I have been on their case for the past two months. My wife got through to them once and she was told, even the system to log her complaint on was down. Before that, I had been told they were upgrading (I suspect it was more like downgrading) their system.

So yesterday morning, I remembered I had the phone number of the repair team that patrols my neighborhood so I called one up. He says “Oh we will be there by 11:00, 11:30; 12:00”. I had to cancel or my schedules and wait. By 2:00pm, I knew I can easily wait the whole day for them and they won’t show up. According to my house-help, they finally came around 4:00pm but left without even checking what the problem was because I wasn’t around to tip them.

In these tough times, it is sad to see people lose their jobs but it is obvious Vodaphone cannot carry so much dead weight.


The Author said…
WoW, your suggested remedy(?) at the end is strong medicine!
The Author said…
... but I like!
Anonymous said…
I must say I am so inspired by your photos that I have decided to take some photography classes.
Unknown said…
Well, I'm glad you got another service from a better provider. Internet from GT is nothing to write home about nor even discuss wit the kids. Its high time, Vodafone recruits dedicated, young, energetic, committed and smart staffs to be at the fore-front because, this problem seems not be going at all.
I feel thine pain. Too bad for GT and their ineptitude.
Unknown said…
iBurst was my client b4 tbwa stole me. good to know they listened to all those advice(s). too bad they refuse to spend competitive money on advertising...they would make so much more!

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